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Try It For a Week

I can remember when I got my first cell phone. It was literally the size of a brick. I will not tell you when it was or how old I was as that would "date" me; however, I will say, cell phones have evolved so much since then. I can honestly say there are times when I wonder what would we do without them? I also secretly miss the days when we didn't have them. They are most definitely a tool that has enhanced many aspects of life, I guess. Yet, I can't help but wonder if they are also a tool that has in some small way diminished other parts.

Cell phones have become such a part of who we are that the following is true:

  • total cell phone ownership in the US is 96% as of 2019.

  • roughly every other person in the world nowadays is equipped with a smartphone.

  • On average, a person touches their phone 2617 times a day, unlocks it 150 times a day and can spend upwards of 3.7 hours on it. (this is average)

  • People buy a new phone every 2 years on average

  • more than 26.3 million adults are going digital while going to the bathroom.

Sources listed at the bottom of the blog.

I think it is fair to conclude, not only from research but just from personal experience and observation that cell phones are everywhere and have become a pretty common if not important part of everyday life. Maybe this was by accident or maybe it was by design but in either case, it has happened and there seems to be no end in sight.

I find the most ironic part about cell phones or maybe me owning a cellular phone is I use my phone for everything except actual phone calls. I despise actually making calls anymore and I do everything I can to avoid accepting calls. It is true. I should basically rename mine "pocket computer" because I really do not use it for calls. I love the camera; the calculator is great; looking up something on the internet is a huge help especially when I am trying to figure out if it has gluten in it. I do like to use it to access my "streaming" music and maps because I'd be lost without both. No, I do not play games on it. I don't have social media unless you count Pinterest. I do have a lot of study apps so I can learn things. It is my primary source of communication - I text. I guess in the big scheme of things, my phone/pocket PC is not like most people's.

So why do I tell you all of this? To make a point:

  • More likely than not, you carry your phone with you everywhere you go.

  • If you were going out or going to work and you discovered you left your phone at home, chances are you would go back and get it.

  • You check your phone more than once a day.

  • In an emergency situation or a situation where you needed information, you more than likely grab your phone.

  • When you are bored, you grab your phone.

  • First thing you do in the morning and the last thing you do at night is somehow related to your phone - you check it, set it, plug it in

  • No matter how busy, stressed, worried, happy, engaged, etc. you are, somehow you find more than an hour a day to spend on your phone.

I have several Bibles I own. (I am pretty sure I have told you this before.) I have them for many different reasons. I have a "checkbook" Bible I carry in my car. It fits in the console and believe it or not, I use it. I have a Bible that is tattered and torn because I take it with me when I travel. I love that Bible. I will buy a Bible for friends and give away ones I have if I am so led (that is the point of them, yes?) I have a Bible on my phone - oh, my friend I am sure you do, too, but I ask, can you access it without the internet? Have you taken that step?

What if for just one week, we treated our Bibles like our phones:

  • We carried one with us everywhere we went. Whether it was the same one or one we bought for a specific purpose but the point was we had a physical Bible with us everywhere we went. In our car, in our purse, at work, while we shopped, out with friends - we literally had a Bible with us.

  • If we discovered we left home without our Bible, we went back to get it. It was so important to us, we would stop and go back for it.

  • What if the first thing we checked each day was our Bible and the last thing we checked every night was our Bible?

  • What if instead of scrolling through emails and messages all day, we took time to scroll through the Word? Might we find a message we actually need?

  • What if when we were in a situation where we were panicked, anxious, sad, happy or there was an emergency before we sought anything else, we turned to the Bible - not necessarily for the answer but for wisdom, strength, discernment and grace.

  • What if when we were bored, we found inspiration from the Bible, just once?

  • If we have hours to waste on a device, are you telling me we can't find an hour or 30 minutes to spend it in the Word?

What it all boils down to is a choice. We choose each and every day to do the things we do. We justify our actions, behaviors and habits because we "just do." Maybe it is because of what others may think or because we are lazy or because it is easy or because we have become apathetic. We are what we repeatedly do; therefore, success is not by chance it is a habit. As a Christian, you cannot strengthen your personal relationship if you do not put in any effort. You cannot grow in wisdom or discernment walking only in this world.

I challenge you, try it for a week. Just one week. Give it your all. You will still have your phone. What you will find is something much greater, much deeper and much more rewarding than any click or swipe can provide.

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