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A Moment to Honor

This Memorial Day, may we take a moment to remember and honor the men and women who personify the true meaning of the day. It is easy sometimes to forget today isn't just about a day off of work or a day to go to the beach, catch up with friends or great food (not to mention catching a great sale.)

Scripture has much to say about honoring, sacrifice and service. Jesus Christ made the ultimate sacrifice for us all. Without Him, we would not have or be able to enjoy freedom of any kind. Thank God for those who when asked answered with, here I am; send me." Who boldly put their faith in Jesus Christ, walk with the Spirit and are led to do that, in a manner in line with the dignity, morality and duty God inspired, God protected and God ultimately designed.

We do not know them all but we thank them all. Let us fulfill our earthly commitment to them as well as our Biblical instructions - to never forget, to care for widows and orphans, to love, to be the people worthy of the sacrifice they made.

(Harvest Ministries does not own the rites to this video. Please do not share or download. Please see the original site for more specifics. All copyrights are retained by the original owner.)

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